Research Projects

Research Projects

ZeSys e.V. is a research service provider specialized in "embedded systems".

Our competences for research and development projects include the monitoring, control and regulation as well as processing of information involving embedded systems in a wide range of application areas.

  • Mobile analysis devices for the detection of bacteria and allergens

  • Technical solutions to simplify personal hygiene in care

  • Development of new methods to remove hormones and drugs from drinking water

  • Air quality in living and working environments

  • Highly secure software distribution in industrial plants

  • Reliable communication in an electromagnetically disturbed environment

  • Approval of software in medical technology according to international QM standards and norms

  • Automation of sampling in environment and production

  • Creation of automatic image recognition procedures, which are used to plan necessary repairs as well as to optimize operating costs

  • Development of ecological processes for the cleaning of wells

  • Development of image recognition methods for planning the maintenance of photovoltaic systems

  • Merging of research competences and industrial partners as networks for the solution of complex and multifactorial problems in various research areas (ZIM cooperation networks)


Current projects

Completed projects

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