The Association

ZeSys e.V.

Who we are

As a non-profit institute for applied research and development services, ZeSys e.V. is part of the German research landscape.

The main focus of the ZeSys e.V. is on application-oriented research work. The core competence of ZeSys e.V. is the monitoring, control and regulation as well as processing of information involving embedded systems in a wide range of application areas.


Goal of the ZeSys e.V.

is the promotion of interdisciplinary scientific and technical research and development using embedded systems. The focus of the activity is on the implementation of research and development projects in cooperation with and on behalf of industry, involving universities, colleges and universities of applied sciences as well as non-university research institutions.

Embedding of ZeSys e.V. in the research landscape

ZeSys e.V. is a member of the GFaI e.V. the Technologiekreis Adlershof e.V. and the Laserverbund Berlin Brandenburg e.V.

The founding history


ZeSys e.V. was founded from the innovation alliance "Software Platform Embedded Systems (SPES) 2020" > More than 20 well-known representatives from industry, universities and research institutes were involved in this innovation alliance. The aim was to work out a common definition of a domain-spanning uniform methodology for the development of hardware and software for embedded systems (Embedded Systems).


ZeSys e.V. will further develop the knowledge and experience gained in SPES2020 > and will promote the concrete implementation of the methodology in real products in cooperation with industry. In this way ZeSys e.V. supports the competitiveness of the export-oriented German economy.


Since its foundation, ZeSys e.V. has been supporting the professional development of scientists and engineers by supervising dissertations to obtain academic degrees.

Founding members

  • Prof. Dr. Holger Schlingloff

  • Prof. Dr. Klaus-Ulrich Schmucker

  • Dr. Klaus Krüger

  • Dr. Khalid Kallow

  • Dr. Hagen Tiedtke

  • Dr. Jens Ulbrich †

  • Dr. Jürgen Rose †

  • Dr. Wolfgang Korn

  • Detlev Feierbach

  • Hendrik Heinze

  • Dr. Sadegh Sadeghipour

  • Holger Breter

  • Salko Tahirbegovic




Board of Directors


Audit Commission