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Research Services

ZeSys supports you in innovations for your company

ZeSys supports you with:

  • commercial research and development projects

  • funded research and development projects

  • Cooperation with small, medium-sized and large companies

  • the organisation of project management

  • Development and coordination of research networks/ ZIM cooperation networks

embedded systems

Independently working small computers or software, which are nowadays used in almost all areas and make handling extremely easy. They control, monitor and communicate autonomously and work in the background of most technical devices and systems.


  • Software

  • Hardware

  • Measurement technology

  • System integration

  • Quality control for hardware and software

  • Medical Technology

  • Environmental Technology

  • Image recognition and evaluation method

  • Telemetry

  • alternative power generation

  • Communication Technologies

  • Transport technologies

  • Security Technologies

ZeSys e.V. is your recognized and experienced, organically grown research service provider in the fields of software, hardware, measurement technology, system integration, quality assurance for hardware and software, medical and environmental technology, image recognition and evaluation methods, telemetry and alternative energy production as well as communication, transport and security technologies.


ZeSys e.V. is recognised as a research institution by the AiF Projekt GmbH and is therefore on an equal footing with universities, colleges and other state research institutions.



We support industrial partners in the design and implementation of research and development projects, prepare funding applications and also carry out contract research and development outside of funded projects.


ZeSys e.V. has a distinct flexibility in project implementation and is therefore the ideal partner especially for small and medium-sized companies, but we also have experience in cooperation with large companies.

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