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Our expertise for research and development projects includes monitoring, control and regulation as well as processing of information involving embedded systems in a wide variety of application areas.
As a non-profit recognized institute for applied research and development services, ZeSys e.V. is part of the German research landscape.

Research projects

  • Mobile analyzers for the detection of bacteria and allergens

  • Technical solutions for simplifying personal hygiene in nursing care

  • Development of new methods for removing hormones and medicines from drinking water

  • Air quality in living and working environments

  • Highly secure software distribution in industrial plants

  • Reliable communication in electromagnetically disturbed environments

  • Approval of software in medical technology according to international QM standards and norms

  • Automation of sampling in environment and production

  • Creation of automatic image recognition procedures that are used both for planning necessary repairs and for optimizing operating costs

  • Development of ecological procedures for cleaning wells

  • Development of image recognition procedures for planning the maintenance of photovoltaic systems

  • Bringing together research competencies and industrial partners as networks to solve complex and multifactorial problems in diverse research areas (ZIM cooperation networks)

Current projects

Industrial projects

In cooperation with partners from the industry, ZeSys e.V. works on joint projects to find innovative solutions.

Cooperation networks

We have many years of experience in setting up and managing research and cooperation networks. ZeSys supports you in networking with experienced network managers and acts as a network management institution.

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