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Embedded systems have been growing in importance for years and are taking over more and more key tasks in electronic devices. New developments in industry such as the networking of electronic devices to form the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 and autonomous driving are an expression of this trend.

These new developments also bring with them changed requirements for system safety. In addition to the importance of operational safety, a breach of data security in this context can have catastrophic consequences for people, property and the environment.

While the fields of safety and security are well researched and methodologically established as separate disciplines in their own industrial environments, their interaction and their guarantee in the context of highly networked devices and applications is an almost undeveloped field of research.

The processes, methods and tools for ensuring safety in isolated embedded systems and for ensuring security in operational IT systems alone cannot meet the requirements of the new, highly automated and networked systems. The project therefore focuses its work on methods for safety & security co-engineering.


The goal of the EmbeddedSafeSec project is to develop a process model and an integrated methodology for ensuring safety and security in the development of critical embedded systems. The resulting systematization, automation and operationalization should enable a significant cost reduction and quality increase in safety and security engineering.

The integrated methodology should enable extensive automation of the creation and analysis of safety and security requirements as well as the generation of safety and security test cases for the development of embedded systems.

A central approach is the formalization of safety goals through the development of an own formal language (DSL). For a good handling and easy comprehensibility, however, a mathematically based semantics shall be omitted for this language.

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This project is supported by the program for the promotion of research, innovations and technologies of the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) - Pro FIT - and by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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