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Software development and application

The ZeSys employees in the software department have sound knowledge of both configuration, application and development of software for special fields of application. In recent years, much of the experience gained in the development of web, database and mobile (app) applications as well as expertise in network management, virtualization and version management has been deepened and successfully applied in various projects.

Our satisfied partners include Berlin Heart GmbH, Boréal Bikes, Fisun GmbH, ITPower Solutions GmbH, Key Wind Energy GmbH, Schielicke Bau Unternehmensgruppe, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH and TresCom Technology GmbH. The software department was involved in the following projects:

  • Robina

  • Trescom Smarte Lampen

  • YGO

  • Boreal Bike

  • Umweltsensor

  • MyZav

  • LabOnFiber

  • VisuPV

  • Wägesensor

  • (kommerzielle Aufträge für Berlin Heart, Schielicke und Stromnetz)

The technologies brought in extend in extracts over:

  • Flutter

  • Java/Kottlin

  • HTML

  • CSS/Bootstrap

  • Javascript

  • JQuery

  • Angular 1.x

  • Dygraph

  • Apache Server

  • Python/Tkinter

  • Postgresql


  • Postman

  • ExpressJS

  • JWT Auth Token

  • LoRa/The Things Network (TTN)

  • Docker

  • Freeradius

  • Mantis

  • Git

  • C/C++

  • OpenCV

  • ContinoProva

  • Node-red



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